We use the highest quality machines and materials in order to produce the best quality products for our clientele. Any doubts? Order a sample for free!


Over 30+ years experience specializing in the production of various industry labels


Our mission is to produce bespoke products for all our clientele and to have the highest return-clients in the business. Our target is to be recognised in the region as the manufacturer who provides the most efficient services in the packaging industry.

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Popular Labels and Packaging Solutions

Food and Beverage industry

Chemical and Automotive industry

Wine bottle and Alcohol industry

Pharmaceutical industry

The biggest industry we supply to – new food trends will continue to challenge, disrupt and entice this industry whilst many large corporations are moving to be more environmentally friendly. Ranging from standard thermo-sensitive paper, self-adhesive polypropylene to thermal paper for cash registers. We have it all.
Today, you probably washed your hands with some kind of soap and recently changed the oil of your car – this is just some of the items that encompass this industry. We produce labels ranging from matte and transparent polyethylene to standard self-adhesive paper and polypropylene. 
The history of alcohol-making stretches over millennia and we specialize in packaging it. Our expertise also lie in wine bottles. Our wine program labels are made of the utmost quality for both standard and premium bottles which include finely cut self-adhesive labels of any shape and size. 
This ever-growing industry has no limits. We produce labels ranging from thermal ones that are found on blood bags or any type of liquid to self-adhesive ones for all types of pharmaceutical products.

The Best in This Industry

We specialize in creating custom labels for any application. In fact, we’re known for producing highly specialized labels designed to perform in the harshest environments, most difficult applications and meet any labeling compliance requirement.

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